39th Annual Village Halloween Parade

It’s time to don your costume once again! Go check out the 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade! You can join the parade or be a spectator. The parade is held from 7pm-11pm, and it runs up Sixth Ave from Spring Street to 16th Street. The best way to get there is by taking the subway because the streets will be crowded and finding a parking spot will be diffiult.

Sixth Avenue (B,D,F,Q) to 23rd, 14th or West 4th Street Stations
Seventh Avenue (1,2,3,9) to 23rd, 18th, 14th, Sheridan Square or Houston Street Stations
Eighth Avenue (A,C,E) to West 4th Street, Spring (this station is closest to the Line Up area) or Canal Street Stations
14th Street (L) to Sixth Avenue

I’m going with some friends to check out the parade and see all of the creative costumes. Pictures to come soon!

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