Manhattan Repertory Theater Presents: Settling Down

If you are out and about in New York City this weekend check out a play at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Nestled amongst skyscrapers and city lights the theater is easy to get to and  is located in Times Square on 42nd street near 8th avenue. For a limited time you can catch “Settling Down” by Alan Braunstein – The story of commitment-phobic Jerry Freed who decides to get engaged to his long time girlfriend Susan Peloso, but is afraid of leaving the single life behind. “How can a man marry a woman who thinks Roger Moore was a good James Bond?” Jerry asked himself .

Alan Braunstein and his cast did an amazing job bringing “Settling Down” to life. They captivated the us with their theatrics, made us laugh with their Seinfeld-like humor, and made us fall in love with the each character in just an hour’s time. Bravo! Mr. Braunstein who not only wrote and directed the play, but also played the main character Jerry Freed. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Performance Times:
Fri. April 12th @ 7:45 pm
Sat. April 13th @ 3:15 pm
Wed. April.17th.@ 7:00 pm

For Ticket Reservations email:
Please reference show date and number of tickets. – Tickets are $20 GA

Love AGT :)

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