Pups on the Go + Giveaway

Pups of the Go

Happy Tuesday! When you take a trip do you usually bring your pup(s) with you, leave them with friends, or board them? I recently had a chat with leading dog industry expert and professional dog trainer Kimberly Marie Freeman and she has some great tips on how to make traveling with your pup easier and safer.

Before You Leave

___  Get health certificate from vet

___  Refill prescription medications your dog needs

___  Immunization Records

___ Create a folder on Google docs (or similar) with a picture of your dog, vet records, microchip number, etc… that you can access from     anywhere online)

For Journey

___  Food Bowl

___  Water Bowl

___ Enough food for the journey

___ Water

___ Blanket

___ Collapsible crate

___ Dog restraint with seatbelt clips or crate for car travel

___  ID on collar with Cell phone number and e-mail address (also put your cell number directly on the collar in case the tag falls off)

___ Collar and Leash

To Pack

___  clip-on water bowl for hikes and days out

___  dog backpack for hikes

___  Food, portioned out for trip duration

___  Bottled water

___  Bed

___  Crate if your dog needs one

___  Favorite Toys

___  Training Treats

___  Extra Collar, ID and leash

___  Poop bags

___  Dog life vest if you’re headed to the beach or lake

___  A photograph of your dog in case he is lost

___  Your dog’s microchip number

___  Your veterinarian’s phone number

___  A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or health certificate if crossing state lines

___  Shampoo and dog brush

___  2 or 3 old towels for cleanup

___  Sheets for covering hotel beds

___  Wipes for cleaning your dog’s muddy paws

___  First aid kit including antihistamine for allergies, motion sickness medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine

___  Blanket

City Dog Expert founder, Pro Trainer, and Rescue Advocate Kimberly Marie Freeman has been a leading dog industry expert for 8 years both in the UK and USA. She started her first company while living in Scotland, http://sit-stay.co.uk, when she realized that there was a shortage of people to assist pet owners in need (i.e when or if you were to get sick and couldn’t walk your dog). The company became so popular that it grew to be the largest companies of its kind on the East Coast of Scotland.

With the success of her business Kimberly was ready to pursue her second passion, acting, so she moved to the U.S after getting accepted into a prestigious acting school in NYC. Her love of dogs and helping those in owners in need remained near and dear to her heart so she decided to bring Sit and Stay to NYC and began, City Sit Stay, where she provides private and group training lessons for all ages of dog.

Last year she launched City Dog Expert after realizing the tremendous difficulties dog owners in NYC  and other big cities have in finding products, events and things to do that are specifically designed for a dog in the city. Visit her website for more tips and check out the work she is doing with her team to support dogs, cats, and families affected by the tornado in Oklahoma – Operation OK Dog

A Special Giveaway For You and Your Pup!

On the Go Water Bowl by Sturdi Products

Organic Dog Treats from

Low Calorie, Low Fat Snack Bits from Dog Slim

Waste Bags

Organic Dewormer

Organic Flea Repellant

Shampoo from Organic Oscar

Hydration Pouches from Troff

Wet Wipes

The Bed Time Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield

And a little something for you :)

Erick’s Hope‘ by Andrew Chilcote and Sara Burden

How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling me your favorite trip taken with your dog and when you have completed the following

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The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Until Next Time -xo AGT

111 thoughts on “Pups on the Go + Giveaway

  1. A time where we took our dog to a lake and watched him swim for the first time. It was so freaking cute.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. My favorite trip with my dogs was up to Sault St Marie, they stayed in the kennel while we rode the boat tour, then we all played on the beach, it was great!!!

    Follow on twitter and tweeted:
    Check out this amazing giveaway from @agirltravels

  3. Our dogs with us camping–and hiking but the best one was when we all went to the ocean–boy could they run– they loved snooping around and playing in the tied pools–it was great fun for all–thanks for the giveaway

  4. The best trip I’ve taken with Jax, my Shiba Inu, was climbing a mountain. We weren’t sure how he would handle it, since he was pretty young at the time, but he loved the hike up and when we got to the top, sat and stared out over the edge (from a safe distance, of course!)

  5. Our baby Chops, moved across the US with us and did great. I think he loves to travel as much as we do. Our 7 yr old is convinced that he is her baby brother :)

  6. Each summer we take our goldendoodle on a kayaking trip down our local river! She loves to go swimming and run off some of her energy! Such a fun time!

    P.s. I tweeted ;)

  7. My favorite trip is when we traveled to Denver, CO. We hiked and camped out in the Rocky Mountains. That was the most BEAUTIFUL place I’ve ever been just breath taking! My dog Molly loved it and was amazed playing in the snow but being warm at the same time. It was hilarious to watch her reaction! We brought her coat just in case it got too cold!

  8. My favourite trips were, in winter, when I lived in Northern CA with my first Springer, Carib. We’d go up to a cabin in the Sierras on week-ends. In winter, I’d always know the minute it started to snow because, whether she was in the car or at the cabin, she’d start to make this little whining sound. Then the minute she got out into the snow she’d start bounding around and you could just see her joy. If there was any snow on the ground already she’d pull herself along on her belly through it. I do believe she loved the snow even more than water!

  9. I just got my puppy so we haven’t been on any long trips yet. She loves to ride in the car and is so curious. My favorite trip so far has been the trip home she made with me.

  10. I have a brindle boxer, Tiger. He goes just about everywhere with me. We travel quite often… my Boyfriend of 8 years lives about an 1 1/2 hours from me so Tiger and I go there often. He lives in a cabin by the river so we really enjoy the country, river and just getting away. Tiger is a great travel companion. He enjoys the ride and keeps me company.


  11. My favorite trip was going out camping for the first time. Our dog Oakley was ecstatic at all the new sights and made the most of all the energy she had. When we got back home she hibernated from how wiped out she was. It was a real blast!

  12. I love going with my daughter and taking all 3 of her dogs to the beach or up to the cabin. They love nature and chasing rabbits.I love dogs and obviously so does my daughter. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  13. We took our two black labs camping last year. We had so much fun walking them, hiking, swimming and sleeping with them.

  14. My husband and I took both our dog and cat on a weekend trip to Vermont last year (we live in CT, husband’s family had a condo on Mount Snow). Even though both animals threw up in the back seat on the way there, we still had a great time getting out and playing in the snow, and getting away from home for a couple nights!

  15. I took my basset hound Droopy to Mt Rushmore and then to Custer State Park,,,, She was going crazy when she saw a herd of buffalo

  16. My favorite trip was up to the lake where my parents own a vacation home, the dogs love to run and play in the water and go on the pontoon then jump in the middle!!!

  17. we have 3 doxie’s that love going everywhere with us. We take a yearly vacation to the U.P. and they love playing in Lake Superior

  18. We only have a 5 month old puppy so haven’t taken many trips with him yet but our favorite place to take him is to the fire station. My husband is a firefighter and the puppy just loves to have free roam of the fire station.

  19. Our favorite trip was when we went to the Tennessee mountains last fall she loved being up there in the cool air and seeing all the people in Gatlinburg!

  20. We take our 6 month old Boxer Loki everywhere with us…if we are leaving the house heading to family or friends he goes and he loves to travel with us. I have to say tho my favorite trip I’ve taken Loki on was to a week long camp at Devils Den State Park here in Arkansas this spring!

  21. We take up dog to northern Michigan to our cottages every summer, it’s lakefront and she LOVES swimming and jumping off the dock!

  22. So far the only actual trip with my dog was when we adopted her and drove an hour and a half home with her. She loves riding in my truck with me. I take her on small trips to the post office, to pick up my daughter, or to the corner store. Pretty soon she will be taking a long ride on a plane back to the states with us.

  23. My favorite trip was taking our Cockeranian (Cocker Spaniel/Pomeranian mix)Icarus to visit my daughter at college. It was a four and one half hour trip and he was so good!

  24. I don’t actually have a dog I am more of a cat girl myself and have 2 cute kitties and have worked in kitty rescue in the past but my mom just recently got a new doggie companion and she regularly takes him with her on trips. She is also a fisher woman and he is her cute little first mate his name is even skipper.

  25. My dogs love visiting my mom’s house for the holidays; they love being in a new environment, and having so many people around. I don’t take them on trips further afield because I’m not comfortable with them flying (they’re larger dogs, so they’d have to go in the cargo hold).

  26. We took our dog camping to our state park. She loved it and I didnt think she would but she jumped in the lake….who knew she was a water dog?

  27. My favorite trip with my dog was when we went on a road trip to visit my sister in Monterrey. It was a five hour trip full of pit stops and places to explore. We had a lot of fun on our trip.

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