That’s A Wrap! – TBEX Toronto

1300 travel bloggers took over the city of Toronto for one amazing weekend of building brand relationships, seeing old friends and making new ones, networking, exploration, education, and a little dancing :)


We heard some powerful and inspiring messages from keynote speakers Trey Radcliff and Erik Lindbergh, then broke off into sessions. My favorites were: Content Strategy, Telling Your Story Through Photography, Building a Publishing Empire, and Rethinking Your Audience. 




Engaged in a little speed dating with some wonderful brands and companies like; Trip It, Hyatt, Room 77, North Caroline Tourism, Vadovia, Google Travel, Roam Right, Four Seasons Hotels, Lou Hammond PR, and the list goes on and on. 



Explored the City – There is so much diversity in Toronto that you see the world without ever leaving the city.






Enjoyed some local cuisine – Toronto Tourism really pulled out all of the stops. One night we had Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, American, and Canadian cuisine and some fantastic Canadian wines to go along with it.





Partied….and Networked of Course :) Every night there was an opportunity to put on your dancing shoes and meet more of your fellow travel bloggers and industry reps.






Recharged in the American Express Lounge



Sailed to Centre Island for a night of networking and fun hosted by Expedia and Alberta Canada and I won a trip to Mexico! Just one note for the next outdoor party, citronella candles, those mosquitos feasted on me.





And before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye :( Man, did the time fly! This was my first blogging conference and I met some amazing fellow travel bloggers, learned how to brand myself, learned how to build a publishing empire, learned how to take better pictures, and now have the opportunity to work with some really great brands and PR companies. If you’ve never been to TBEX or any blogging conference for that matter I would highly recommend it. 


This October, Travel Bloggers will be taking over Dublin for TBEX Europe! Will you be there?

Until Next Time! -xo AGT

6 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap! – TBEX Toronto

  1. Hi Erica! It was absolutely fun meeting you, too bad i couldn’t find my picture from that booth and we couldn’t have one together but oh well. Next TBEX in North America i’ll go :) Not so sure about Dublin even though i’d love to go. :)

    • Hey! It was great to meet you as well! I would love to go to Dublin, especially to see Riverdance live. I’ve never been either, and I have so many trips planned this year I don’t think I’m going to make this year :( I’ll definitely be at TBEX North America next year though! Keep in touch!

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