Why Do You Travel?

(Excerpts from a poem written by NYC sculptor, Sana† Musama.)

“It is on the road that my inner voice speaks the loudest and my heart beats the strongest.

It is on the road that I take extra pride in my wooly hair, full features and lineage.

It is on the road that I develop extra senses and the hairs on my arms stand up and say “Sana, don’t go there”, and I listen.

Its when I safety pin my money to my underclothes and count it a million times before I go to sleep,

It is on the road that I am a poet, an ambassador, a dancer, medicine woman, an angel and even a genius.

Its on the road that I am fearless and unstoppable and if necessary ball up my fist and fight back.

It is on the road that I talk to my deceased parents and they speak back

Its on the road that I reprimand myself, and set new goals, refuel stop and begin again.

It is on the road that I experience what freedom truly is.

It is my travel that has transformed me making me a citizen of the world. When my humanness, compassion and affection are raised to a new level and I share unconditionally.

When I travel I arrive empty and leave full.”

Why do you travel?

Until Next Time! -xo AGT

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Travel?

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  2. I’m working on a post myself about why I travel :) I like this- and I’m sure if you ask ten people, you’d get ten different answers. I pretty much agree with this sentiment- travel makes me feel the most alive, and lets the best parts of me come center stage.

    • I agree, travel breathes new life into people and inspires them in different ways. It’s so important to travel and discover something new even if it in your own city or town.

  3. I travel to quench my wonder. I travel because the only way to truly understand people, is to meet them…lots and lots and lots of them. I travel because God created the wonders of the world to experience and see in person. I travel because I like new things.

    xoxo from Trinidad

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