The Runner, The Wino, and The Foodie

The Runner – My third and most challenging half marathon, The Fueled by Wine Half, provided some amazing views and really firmed up my gluts with all the hills.





Oh Yeah, Feeling the Burn!

This is definitely a race you need to do some prep for with lots and lots of hill training. The race is about 80-90% hills – the starting line is even on a hill, but the views once you reach the top of each hill are breathtaking – both literally and figuratively speaking lol.





The total climb of the course reached 840ft and ran through pristine Dundee Hills Vineyards and country roads. This year’s route included; The Four Graces, Archery Summit – Red Hills Estate Vineyard, Torii Mor Winery – Olson Vineyard and Lange Estate Vineyard




The Half Marathon Dream Team

The Wino – I’m partial white wines, Riesling, Moscato, and Chardonnay are some of my favs to drink alone or with a nice meaty Halibut steak.  When it comes to fresh pasta, tomato basil sauce, or warm chocolate chip cookies and smooth Malbec or Pinot Noir to is my go to. Whoo, I’m gettin hungry just typing this lol

I was able to taste some delicious wines at the wine festival post race and we visited 2 winaries in Dundee, Oregon before heading back to Portland courtesy of the Fueled by Wine Half Marathon swag bag.



Post Half Marathon Wine Party



Durant Vineyards






Winter’s Hill Vineyard


The Foodie – One of my favorite things to do when I travel is try new foods. I probably eat more during my travels than I do during my day -to – day activities at home. Which is all the more reason why I never leave home without a pair of running shoes and my iPad equipped with yoga and ab workouts.


Street Car yumminess at the Mississippi Street Fair


Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

There were so many yummy places to grab a bite to eat – amazing dine in restaurants and yummy street car food, orgasmic Mexican food (that was so good it was gone before I even remembered to take a picture lol) and spicy bloody mary’s to go with brunch! Good thing I ran a half marathon while on vaca cuz I was in food and drink heaven :)

Image 15

Image 17

Image 16

When you travel do you prefer to explore the restuarant scene or the street car food scene?

Until Next Time! -xo AGT

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