Travel Fashion Guide: Top 10 Travel Must Haves

Between AGT and I, we have so many upcoming trips planned and we have always have our “go to” items that never get left behind. As you pack your bags for the trips you are headed on what are fashion must haves on any trip? Here’s our list :)

1. Chucks


My old faithful. a must have on any trip converse chuck Taylor’s. the ultimate fashion shoe. comfy, perfect for lots of walking, looks great with any outfit, and perfect for all seasons.

2. Fedora


Fedoras are a perfect travel accessory. During the summer they are a great way to block the sun and during the winter a great way to keep your head warm, and you’ll always look fabulous and chic :)

3. Sunglasses

Always a must have. Sunglasses are something that is necessary all day, every day….especially when traveling.

4. Bathing Suit


No matter where you are or what you’ve got planned during your travels you can ALWAYS use a swimsuit. Hot tubbing at the ski lodge, water fight on the side of the road during a road trip, or vacationing to the beach. You will always need to have a bathing suit “on call” :)

5. LBD


A must have piece to take everywhere with you is your little black dress. During your travels and on vacation you always want to be prepared for a fancier gathering or a nice dinner out, and your little black dress will be the perfect fit.

6. Statement Necklace


Packing jewelry for every outfit you take on a vacation can be excessive but one neutral statement necklace will do the trick. It will match everything you take for the trip while still maintaining room in your bag to pack other things.

7. Black Pumps


Like your little black dress, a pair of black pumps are are another must have. A classic, simple, black pump is another item which you always need when you least expect it because it can work with any outfit, in any situation.

8. Dark skinny denim


A simple pair of dark skinny jeans are a great way to pack light and yet have a look that can be made casual or dressed up with your black pumps. They can be worn more than once on your trip, therefore leaving lots of room in your suitcase.

9. Cross-body


The one and only purse you ever need to take on vacation…a fashionable cross-body. Your money, identification, all important necessities wrapped closely next to you and looking great is a MUST on your next trip.

10. Jacket


A jacket is essential when leaving for a long period of time. the weather is always so unpredictable. one general jacket is all you need. from a leather jacket to a blazer or even a light trench…any of these would be a great fit for those unpredictable weather days and still stylish enough to spruce up any outfit

Yay!! we’ve got everything essential we need on any trip. wherever you go, you’ll be ready for anything that comes up while still packing light. just bring these top 10 items and a camera to catch all the action.

Enjoy your travels this week. and don’t forget to follow me on twitter for all your fashion tips throughout the week @missblackseries

Until the next time!

-miss black

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