Travel Fashion Guide: Hellooo Gentlemen

Hey travelers, fashionistas :)

How did everyone’s vacations go this week with your 10 must have items? I hope it went great and you looked fabulous…

I decided to do something new and different this week… as a girl, I focus a lot on women’s fashion, however, men travel too, so this week I wanted us to take a look at men’s travel outfits to give the men out there some fashion tips

You guys typically pack light when it comes to travel…but 2 outfits that are necessary on any vacation are a casual outfit to tour with during the day and a dressier outfit for your night life experience.


Casual for you can be so much and so simple. A dark, straight leg designer denim is a comfortable and trendy way to look fashionable on vacation. It creates a clean look that’s easy to move in. Adding a band t-shirt to the mix, gives a punk look and layering it with a patterned button up over it adds a slight edge of fashion and a preppy, contrast to the outfit. As all of you know for women I am OBSESSED with a Converse Chucky Taylor, and they are a perfect shoe for men as well…top the look off with our designer accent piece and grab a great pair of shades to really show off the overall look.


Your dress up outfit can be perfect for whether you are going out to a nice restaurant or out for a night on the town. It’s simple, yet chic. Start with again, a designer dark, straight leg denim…classy and simple. Pair that with a Ralph Lauren button up shirt (a slight pop of color will definitely work great here). Layer that with a dark blazer (featured COMME DES GARCONS designer blazer for an accent of designer chic). This keeps the look dressier, but still maintains a trendy look that’s not a full fledge suit.  A Calvin Klein box toe, patent dress shoe gives the blazer a fancier buddy, but still maintains a trendy look to offset the denim. To create a stylish look, top the outfit off with a dark colored fedora and you’ve got a sexy look that will bring all the girls around :)

I hope you men out there have a great week of traveling, looking amazing, stylish, and trendy.

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Until the next time…


-miss black

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