Guest Post: Hitting the Slopes In Canada

Summers end is fast approaching. Soon the air will grow crisp, the leaves will change, and before you know it you’ll be making plans to hit the slopes. Check out this great guest post on hitting the slopes in Canada by Martin Nolan.


When it comes to travel one that is a deciding factor for what we do and how long we stay is our budget. Unfortunately until scientists learn to cross pollinate money with trees it is always going to be that way. That is why skiing in Canada has become a distant dream to most of us. With airfares increasing and an exchange rate that is becoming less favourable by the day, all too many of us are put off.  I used to think along these lines myself but after hours of painstaking research on Crystal Ski’s website I realized it can be done on a budget. But only if I go to Banff.

Banff is a small town situated in the heart of a national park surrounded by the Alberta Rockies. It is near three quality ski resorts with spectacular views. It offers the perfect location if you are looking for a central base to ski the big three. With Calgary airport just 2 hours there is no shortage of international flights to choose from either.

Why Is Banff Good for Budget Travelers?

The reason that is that it offers the best value skiing in Canada is because winter is Banff’s low season. It is one of the country’s top summer tourist spots for people who want to hike and bike in the Rockies. So right in the middle of ski season the accommodation is at its most affordable. That money set aside for that low rent accommodation can now be used for something a bit classier. Alternatively you can set it aside for a few nice meals in resort.

Top Tip on Airfares:

Airlines release their fares 11 months in advance of travel.  A recent trend is to not release them all at this stage. So leave it a month and there can be bargains to be had. Leave it any later and you will feel the pinch.

Balancing your budget:

·       –  Choose a hotel with complimentary shuttle services. With a number of hotels running their own shuttles to the town centre and in some cases to the slopes it can really cut down on paying for public buses or even the dreaded taxi.

·        – Tri-Area Passes. The three most popular resorts have come together to offer one pass for all of them. Great value and much lower than some of its neighbouring resorts too. Make sure you are looking to book in advance so you don’t get stung in resort.

·         -Eating. Banff has over 600 restaurants so there are deals to be had. Don’t just go to the nearest, take a look around for set menus.  With that much competition the prices are generally low anyway.

·         -Hot Springs. The local public hot springs offer a much more affordable option for relaxation. Costing around $8 (CAD) a visit it won’t dip into that budget nearly as much the spa treatment you have been eyeing up.

With Canada long being one of the premier ski destinations in the world it should be on every powder chasers list. Visit Banff if you are looking for new places to hit the slopes ways to maximize your budget.

Wishing you Happy Travels!

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