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This week I haven’t really had the time to be in and out of the concrete jungle and hanging out at events because of my work schedule and upcoming blog projects I’m working on.  I can’t wait to share these amazing projects and goodies with you! All in due time though, I promise it will be worth the wait.

Since I returned from Portland and DC, when I’m not in the office or working on projects, I’ve been going hard in the gym and pounding the pavement in preparation for Caribbean sand and sunshine. Only 4 weeks until I set sail for Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Haiti, and Mexico and I’ve got my eyes on the prize!

Out and About1

Yes, it’s Friday but my “Friday” begins tomorrow. So after I get off work and take a nap I’ll be heading out to Montauk to explore, relax on the beach, and check out a music/fashion event.


What are you getting into this weekend?

Wishing you Happy Travels!

Until Next Time -xo AGT

Out and About

I’ve been on the move the past couple of months working, traveling, and training for upcoming half marathons. From the East Coast to the West Coast I’ve explored Toronto, DC, Portland, and Baltimore. There have been bike rides, half-marathons up grueling hills, wine tasting, live Reggae bands, lighthouses, cliff climbing, and yummy food, and puppy travel adventures.

Cosmo took his first and longest flight, 6 hours from NYC to Portland, Oregon. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, he was hanging out in his dog carrier sticking his head out to scope the airport scene and enjoying a rawhide…..until we got on the plane. Things were foreign and needed to be explored and hanging out in a dog carrier was no longer fun. I tried to distracted him with chit chat but as the plane began to take off he was no longer interested in what I had to say and began to freak out.

Thankfully we had some amazing Delta Airlines attendants on our flight and I set his dog carrier in my lap during the flight which helped him to calmed down. Of course I couldn’t get much else done other than listen to music and watch the inflight movie while Cosmo looked out the window and struggled to fight sleep. He’s such a character lol. Poor puppy didn’t want to miss a thin. If I drank water he gave me the look like “Where’s mine?”, and if I had a snack he needed one too. It was like having a child lol nothing was my own, good thing I came prepared with snacks for him and water.

Summer 2013 Part 2

We landed in Portland and headed west to explore the coast for a day and I sadly had to leave Cosmo behind :( This was a one way trip for him and he now has a new forever home with one of my best friends. It was difficult to leave him and I cried, but between work and travel and a new upcoming Coast Guard duty station either overseas or on a cutter he deserve to have someone around all the time. He’s such a great puppy and spoiled rotten and now has a new play-pal Bailey to spend his days playing and napping with.

From Portland, Oregon to Dundee for a hilly and grueling half marathon we managed to make to the end and just in time for the post-race wine celebration. The race was definitely a challenge and around mile 10 I was upset with my friend for talking me into running, but we stuck it out, we survived, and laugh over wine at the end. And we’ll actually be signing up to run again next year to beat our awful time. Challenge accepted!

Summer 2013 Part 1

Home from Portland I was in the office for a few days working the night shift and catching up on training, then it was off for a weekend in Baltimore and DC for dancing, a reggae wine festival, and catching up with old friends. How is your summer going so far? Have you crossed anything off of your travel list, or discovered someplace new in your neighborhood?

Next month I’ll be head to Atlantic City for one of my best friends birthday, Texas to see my brother from another mother, and Beantown. It’s also restaurant week in NYC until August 16th, so I’ll be checking out new restaurants and meeting up for a blogger lunch with Learning Patience, I can’t wait to chat and meet her in person!

Until Next Time! -xo AGT

Out and About

Mississippi Street Fair – Portland Oregon

Held every year in July, this fair is a community-building event that celebrates the residents, businesses, and organizations from N. Fremont to N. Skidmore on Mississippi Avenue. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Boise-Elliot Elementary, the Boise Business Youth Unity Project, and Self Enhancement, Inc.













Until Next Time! -xo AGT