Charity Spotlight – Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue

Looking for ways to get involved in your community? Want to work with local charities? While I’m in NYC I will be spotlighting local charities, those that I have worked with and those that I’m looking forward to working with. Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue will be kicking of the year! I first learned about Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue while covering an event, 1001 Arabian Nights Dog Wedding and Bark Bazaar, and the proceeds were being donated to them.

Photo Credit: Steve Barkaszi

Photo Credit: Steve Barkaszi

“The Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project or (IBSAR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization joined with Hands For Paws in Florida, dedicated to ending the suffering of abused, abandoned and homeless companion animals in greater New York and Puerto Rico…Working alongside other animal protection and rescue organizations in New York City and Puerto Rico, lBSAR’s goal is to foster responsible and humane behaviors toward companion animals through education, communication, and funding of rescue programs.” –

Why is it called Inky Blue SeaCompanion Animal Rescue?

“Having traveled all over the world to cities near or located on coastal regions, we have witnessed animals in severe distress amidst the beautiful backdrop of the sea.
You can travel to the most beautiful places in the world and witness cruelty to animals that is unimaginable but ever so real.
Our organization addresses the welfare of both animals and people, as we must invariably co-exist together. Hence, why The Inky Blue Sea Companion Animal Rescue Project is taking a stand to empower communities and future generations with respect & compassion for ourselves, our communities, and for all living beings in between.” – Inky Blue Sea

You can learn more about the Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project, find ways to volunteer, and donate by visiting their website

If you have any local charities you’d like me to checkout and/or spotlight please don’t hesitate to let me know :)