We Remember….9/11/11

I attended the 9/11/11 ceremony held at Citi Field prior to the start of the Mets vs Cubs game with friends and it was a wonderful ceremony. All NYC agencies that operate under the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) – NYPD, FDNY, ESU, NY Corrections, etc…were on the field in remembrance of those they lost and the actions that the took to help NYC recover from the devastating attacks.

Also at the ceremony was the non-profit organization Tuesday’s Children. They work to provide support for families impacted by 9/11 and others impacted by global terrorism. Children and families impacted in NYC by 9/11 carried the American flag on to the field, unrolled it, and waved the flag as Marc Anthony sang the National Anthem in the center of Citi Field.

Audience members held battery operated candles during a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost, and then proceeded to chant “USA, USA, USA”. I was really happy to be apart of it all.

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