Airline Review: easyJet

“The I can’t wait to go generation. The early risers for the morning cab, last minute packing, full of excitement generation. The head first into water, wine, or work generation. The I don’t want to go home, let’s stay longer generation. The we’ve been coming here for years, but still fall in love generation. The everyone doing it their way generation. The more places, more choices, more often generation. This is generation easyJet” –


I LOVE that quote! It definitely speaks to the traveler in me. I flew easyJet roundtrip from Paris to Rome to cutdown on travel times and to maximize my stay at each location. I’d read several reviews about cheap airline travel around Europe primarily focusing on easyJet and Ryanair, with most reviews shedding a negative light on each airline. I opted for easyJet because there was a direct flight from Paris to Rome.

I purchased my flight about 2 weeks out and managed to get a ticket for a total of 186,50 EUR ($252.20 USD). Which seems pretty good to me considering the timing on my purchase. I could have gotten it even cheaper if I’d booked sooner, but since I was flying Space A to Germany I didn’t want to purchase a ticket too far out. I’d read somewhere that some people incurred surprise charges on the backend of their purchases, but the only fees that I saw were an aviation tax and an admin fee, which were included in the overall total. So everything was pretty cut and dry and there were no surprises.

Getting to ORLY airport in Paris was pretty simple and took about 1hr and 15min from the flat we rented off of AirBnB. You have to purchase a separate metro pass for the airport, which costs 11,30 EUR and the train stops at the South Terminal. Perfect, because this is also where the easyJet check-in is located. I arrived about 2 hours early in case of long lines at security. Since I’d checked in for the flight and printed out the boarding pass before getting to Paris. I opted to travel light and not check a bag, so I made my way through security and with my carry-on a proceeded to the assigned gate for my flight.


During boarding there were 2 lines; a speed line (for those who paid to board the aircraft first) and the regular line, and from there 2 lines were created for those sitting closer to the front of the aircraft and those sitting toward the back. Everything moved rather quickly and before I knew it we were ready to take off. The flight crew was awesome and very friendly, and of course multi-lingual to accommodate passengers.  I actually scored a pretty sweet deal and had a whole row to myself :)




My Travel Buddies

Food and beverage service came through the cabin which costs an additional fee, but they had lots of options like soup, sandwiches, salads, quinoa, candy, alcohol, and non-alcoholic beverages. I went with the Tomato/Mozzarella/Basil Panini combo with came with chips and water for 8,20 EUR since I knew once we touched down in Rome I planned to hit the ground running.

On the return trip there were a few options for getting to Fiumicino Airport:

  • Leonardo Express Train – 14 EUR
  • Shuttle – 7 EUR
  • Taxi – 40 EUR

Of course I went with the shuttle. Once at the airport and through security the terminal was provided, but there was a wait for the gate assignment. During boarding time everything went smoothly as it had the first time.

I would definitely flight easyJet if the opportunity to arise again. The service was great, the flight was easy, quick, and clean, and they have excellent deals on airfare even for last minute purchases.The biggest challenge for me was finding a bag small enough to use as my carry-on for the plane and large enough to fit 5 days worth of clothes.


Wishing you safe and happy travels! -xo AGT

AGT and the 168th Cannstatter Volksfest


Although we arrived in Germany just days after Oktoberfest ended, after a days rest in Kaiserslautern it was off to Stuttgart for the 168th Cannstatter Volksfest (Cannstatt Beer Festival) which runs from September 27th – October 13th and is the second largest beer festival in the world.

We caught the train from Kaiserslautern to Stuttgart then cabbed it over to the festival and arrived to fairground rides, beer tents, and market vendors galore! The beer was flowing, the music was playing, live bands had everyone standing on tables and singing at the tops of their lungs,and of course the kitchen was busy with orders. My favorite tent was actually the first tent that we went to, Grandls Hofbrau for the the live band was awesome, the crowd, and the food.
We had an amazing time eating, drinking, singing, and walking around, and I tried some yummy SANWALDBLUE Weizen & Cola which is a mix of cola and weizenbier. May sound a bit strange, but its very good and worth a try. Since we arrived early in the day and planned to head back to Kaiserslautern around 6pm we had no problem getting a table, but most of the table were reserved for 6:30pm so getting a table in the evening is probably much more of a challenge if you don’t have one reserved. Each beer tents seats about 5,000 people and has tons of live entertainment and great beers from local breweries.

For more  info and to plan a future visit checkout and

Until Next Time! -xo AGT

Travel Beauty Chronicles – Part 3

From the Mouth of Travelers


Finding new ways to travel light whether its to avoid baggage fees, to have room for souvenirs to take home, or to simply have less to carry and weigh you down  is something we all strive toward. In preparation for my trip to Europe I knew I’d need to find a way condense  my clothes and travel items in order to make getting around easier. Moving from train to train around each city, up and down escalators in the metro stations, and flying from Paris to Rome meant wheeling around a monster suitcase was less than ideal. Plus, carry-on size restrictions for my flight from Paris to Rome are were much more strict than stateside travel. If your bag doesn’t fit you’ll be hit with a 40 EUR fee to have it checked at the gate.

Everything for a 5day/4night trip from Kaiserslautern to Paris, Paris to Rome, Rome to Paris, and Paris back to Kaiserslautern needed to fit in one duffle bag.It was a challenge, and one that I won. I managed to fit 3 pairs of pants, a long skirt, 2 short skirts, 2 cardigans, 2 scarfs, 2 tanks, 3 tops, a pair of booties, 1 leather moto jacket, socks, make-up bag, and toiletry bag.

Vera Bradley Traveler in Classic Black

Check out what these travelers have to say about traveling light:

Tea for Teri– keeps her hair relaxed so that it’s easier to manage and always keeps a hair clamp and bobby pins for a super cute up-do!

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes – Never leaves home with her Aragon Oil and her go to style is a pony tail with her big floppy hat which is great for style and UV protection for her face and scalp.

Nicole – always carries her mini flat iron, mini shampoo and conditioners to keep her bags light, and to really add some extra space to her bag she uses space saver bags

Janelle – braids her hair before long trips and vacas so that she can focus on fun and adventure and not her hair.

What’s in your travel beauty bag? How do you maintain your hair during your travels? Any go to styles, products, and/or accessories?

Until Next Time! -xo AGT