Travel Beauty Chronicles – Part 3

From the Mouth of Travelers


Finding new ways to travel light whether its to avoid baggage fees, to have room for souvenirs to take home, or to simply have less to carry and weigh you down  is something we all strive toward. In preparation for my trip to Europe I knew I’d need to find a way condense  my clothes and travel items in order to make getting around easier. Moving from train to train around each city, up and down escalators in the metro stations, and flying from Paris to Rome meant wheeling around a monster suitcase was less than ideal. Plus, carry-on size restrictions for my flight from Paris to Rome are were much more strict than stateside travel. If your bag doesn’t fit you’ll be hit with a 40 EUR fee to have it checked at the gate.

Everything for a 5day/4night trip from Kaiserslautern to Paris, Paris to Rome, Rome to Paris, and Paris back to Kaiserslautern needed to fit in one duffle bag.It was a challenge, and one that I won. I managed to fit 3 pairs of pants, a long skirt, 2 short skirts, 2 cardigans, 2 scarfs, 2 tanks, 3 tops, a pair of booties, 1 leather moto jacket, socks, make-up bag, and toiletry bag.

Vera Bradley Traveler in Classic Black

Check out what these travelers have to say about traveling light:

Tea for Teri– keeps her hair relaxed so that it’s easier to manage and always keeps a hair clamp and bobby pins for a super cute up-do!

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes – Never leaves home with her Aragon Oil and her go to style is a pony tail with her big floppy hat which is great for style and UV protection for her face and scalp.

Nicole – always carries her mini flat iron, mini shampoo and conditioners to keep her bags light, and to really add some extra space to her bag she uses space saver bags

Janelle – braids her hair before long trips and vacas so that she can focus on fun and adventure and not her hair.

What’s in your travel beauty bag? How do you maintain your hair during your travels? Any go to styles, products, and/or accessories?

Until Next Time! -xo AGT