AGT and the 168th Cannstatter Volksfest


Although we arrived in Germany just days after Oktoberfest ended, after a days rest in Kaiserslautern it was off to Stuttgart for the 168th Cannstatter Volksfest (Cannstatt Beer Festival) which runs from September 27th – October 13th and is the second largest beer festival in the world.

We caught the train from Kaiserslautern to Stuttgart then cabbed it over to the festival and arrived to fairground rides, beer tents, and market vendors galore! The beer was flowing, the music was playing, live bands had everyone standing on tables and singing at the tops of their lungs,and of course the kitchen was busy with orders. My favorite tent was actually the first tent that we went to, Grandls Hofbrau for the the live band was awesome, the crowd, and the food.
We had an amazing time eating, drinking, singing, and walking around, and I tried some yummy SANWALDBLUE Weizen & Cola which is a mix of cola and weizenbier. May sound a bit strange, but its very good and worth a try. Since we arrived early in the day and planned to head back to Kaiserslautern around 6pm we had no problem getting a table, but most of the table were reserved for 6:30pm so getting a table in the evening is probably much more of a challenge if you don’t have one reserved. Each beer tents seats about 5,000 people and has tons of live entertainment and great beers from local breweries.

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Until Next Time! -xo AGT