That moment after you’ve returned from traveling, things have died down, you’ve settled back into your normal routine and you have no upcoming trips planned. Wine bottle glass or morning coffee in hand your mind wanders off to past adventures…..and then it hits you. Travel withdrawals.

Since my return from Europe, Boston, and DC my available vacation days from work have drastically diminished. In the Coast Guard (this goes for all military branches) you earn 2.5 days a month/30 days a year of vacation. I, of course, never hesitate to use my time to explore and see the world.  After those last few trips though, I have 4 vacation days available. Yep 4 whole days. With trips to Arizona, Florida, and Costa Rica in the works for early 2014. I have to conserve my vacation days and allow them to build up again.

Last night at work during downtime the topic was travel- cruising, quick jet-setter trips, and weekend getaways. All that travel talk sparked the flame that burned all night as I reviewed my scheduled and eagerly began planning my next travel adventure. I will be maximizing my days off exploring the 5 boroughs in NYC and road-tripping to nearby cities – with the first stop being Montauk, NY tomorrow to explore the area and visit the lighthouse. I LOVE exploring lighthouses, they have such a majestic beauty and so much history. The Montauk Lighthouse has been on my travel list for a while, and this is the perfect time of the year to visit.  Beach towns in the fall during the off season are so relaxing and you really have the opportunity to chat with locals, shop local stores and boutiques, and enjoy the town. This is going to be a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, especially with the New York City Marathon going on all day tomorrow. I’m so excited to get on the road!


How are you spending your weekend? Staycation? Road-trip? Jet-setting to a new place?

Wishing you safe and happy travels! -xo AGT

Coast Guard Curiosity?

If you’ve read the “About” section of my blog, then you know that I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. In January, I will have served 6 years, and it still only seems like yesterday that I was getting off the bus in Cape May, NJ for boot camp. Since then I’ve traveled, worked, and received training in various places around the country, and 2 years ago I arrived in NYC. Now, I’m sure some of you may have seen the movie The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, but if you’re still curious about some of things we do then, check out a new reality TV series on The Weather Channel called “Coast Guard Alaska”. Last Wednesday was the world premiere of the new reality series, and the second episode will air tonight, November 16th, at 2100 CST. The seven-episode series is based in Kodiak, Alaska and follows the lives of Guardsmen as they train, work, and raise their families in the harsh environment of rugged Alaska. The series will cover multiple locations, missions, and operational communities beyond Kodiak Island. “Harrowing rescues give viewers a chance to ride along with the crew on a Jayhawk helicopter, racing to rescue victims from freezing waters. Unprecedented access shows the grueling training it takes to be a rescue diver in some of the roughest seas in the world.” ~The Weather Channel Click on the link to watch a clip of the show Coast Guard Alaska