On The Road With Kids…and a Giveaway!

School is out and summer vacation is here! I know it’s a little late, but I figured now would be great time to do my first blog giveaway! How does your family prepare for trips? What kind of trips do you have planned before the kids go back to school? In my family, each summer we’d pick a new place to visit, then mom would take us to the library to learn more about our trip. On the day of the trip mom we’d all help pack up the car, and mom would give each of us a snack pack and a Rand McNally’s Backseat Road Atlas to follow along.

A friend of mine recently told me about Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides and sent me a kit so that I could check it out. The website and series of books create a memorable and rewarding journey where kids can follow Cooper and his adventures around the world, highlighting the cities he visits and the friends he makes along the way. So far Cooper’s Pack has launched 4 children’s travel books featuring London, Seattle, New York City, and Alaska.

Meet Cooper!

A dog without borders.

  • Eye Color: Black
  • Born: Olympic Mountains (outside of Seattle, WA)
  • Home: Bainbridge Island


  • Foods: T-bone Steak, Milk
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Places: Hiking, Pacific Ocean, Grandpa’s house
  • Books: A Separate Peace
  • Artist: Marcus Bausch, Jr.
  • Teacher: Mr. Axling (Geography)
  • Class: Geography, Languages
  • Music: Tragically Hip, Beatles
  • Sports: Soccer, Skiing, Boating
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Writing
  • Sayings: “Top Dog”, “You rock!”
  • Nicknames: Coop

The giveaway will be awarded to 1 winner. You will receive Cooper, a travel guide to New York City, Seattle, and a travel guide to Alaska. To enter the giveaway (it’s open to international readers as well), simply leave one comment below with your email address by 5pm EST on Tuesday, July 31st. The winner will be chosen randomly and I’ll make the announcement on Wednesday, August 1st.

Love AGT :)

*This giveaway is now closed*