12 Must Have Items For Your Cruise Vacation

I’m flying out this Saturday to Florida for 8 Days on the open ocean via Royal Caribbean, with stops in Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman, and Mexico and I cannot wait. It’s to the point where I’m counting down the hours now lol. This summer has been crazy and I’m ready to soak up the calming effects of the sea.  I’ll be packing lots of sundresses, bikinis, formal dresses for the Captain’s Dinner, and workout clothes in my suitcase – More details on that later this week. Today I want to share with you my MUST HAVE items for any cruising adventure.


  1. Carry On Bag with a bikini, sun block, and flip flops for poolside lounging. The adventure begins as soon as you get on board, so have your swimwear ready to lounge poolside or in the Jacuzzi without having to wait for your luggage to be delivered to your room.
  2. Shower Shoes  – sure they clean the bathrooms but better to be safe than sorry with a foot fungus.
  3. Bottle of wine or Champagne and a wine bottle opener – adults  21 and older are allowed to bring 1 bottle of wine per person on board
  4. Air Freshener for the room – no further explanation needed :)
  5. Water Bottle – to stay hydrated during the trip
  6. Power Strip – so that everyone in your room can charge their phones, ipads, laptops, cameras, etc…
  7. Beach Bag – no beach towel necessary, the cruise ship will provide them
  8. Cardigan or blazer – it can be pretty chilly in the dining room and other areas of the ship
  9. Umbrella – in the unfortunate event it’s raining when you pull into port
  10. Hand Sanitizer or hand wipes – they usually have hand sanitizer stations around the ship, but it’s good to carry a pocket-size one during port calls.
  11. Camera – for capturing memories
  12. Sunglasses

A few additional things to remember:

*Check to see the activities available on your cruise ship and plan accordingly. Our cruise ship this voyage has an ice skating rink and a rock climbing wall, so I will also be bringing along leggings and a light jacket to wear on the ice rink and workout clothes to wear when I go rock wall climbing.

*If you tend to get sea sick pick up some motion sickness pills or patches to wear throughout the trip

* Bring along snorkel gear for use at the beach

Have you ever cruised before? What are some MUST HAVE items on your
packing list?


Wishing You Happy Travels! -xo AGT