What’s Hot in 2013!

Sweet treats, skin care, health care, books, jewelry, and more! A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event hosted by Bridget O’Brien PR and Events to introduce some hot new products for 2013. These were some of my favorites that picked to share with you :)

Arbonne, a swedish based company developed in 1975 by when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists. This year they introduced their new 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care line.


The skin in the largest organ of the body, and takes the most abuse from the sun, your everyday environment, and skin care products. It’s important to use products that are going to nurture your skin inside and out. Arbonne products are pure, safe, not tested on animals, and guarantees results or your money back. This was my first time hearing about Arbonne and I love when a company stands behind their product. Have you ever used their products before?

IMG_3617 IMG_3622 IMG_3613

 Visit www.angelachristou.myarbonne.com to learn more.

DCS Chocolates (Dipped, Covered, and Smothered) introduces their AMAZING salted caramel cups made with their homemade caramel recipe, yummy milk chocolate, and sprinkled with the perfect amount of sea salt.


This mother/daughter duo can make anything to your liking, whether its for a special occasion or “just because”. Their motto is “You think it, we dip it”. Everything is made to order and can even be delivered right you your front door.


IMG_3509 IMG_3502 IMG_3496

Just pick out your sweet treats, or order an assorted market tray to sample everything, and the shipping is free! I am still thinking about the yummy salted caramel cups and the mouth watering chocolate covered strawberries I devoured lol. Visit www.dcschocolates.com to order sweet treats for that special someone or for your next party today!

Lady Kismet – is a unique, fine jewelry line handmade in India. The company was started a little over a year ago by Shana who lives in NYC. All of the pieces are influenced by her love for NYC and her Indian culture.


In Hindi, Lady Kismet means “Lady Luck”, and each piece is designed with semi precious stones and is a representation of her life experiences. Each piece and each name has a meaning and can tell a story.

IMG_3532 IMG_3531 IMG_3529 IMG_3526 IMG_3525

If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry to add to your collection visit www.ladykismet.com

Shine, Confidence for Today’s Women – written by Meryl Hartstein


A published author, speaker, and strategic life coach she is a force to be reckoned with. A survivor of abuse, divorce, cancer, and her daughter’s drug addiction she is empowered with know and experience, and has made it her mission in life to help women overcome challenges and bounce back. “Don’t label yourself a victim, instead be a warrior and watch the changes happen!” – MBH


Her book will be on shelves in late April and she already has another amazing one in the works entitled “Bounce Back Women”. This one will tell the stories of amazing women, doing extraordinary things that have “bounced back” from life’s’ challenges”. Visit her website today to learn more www.bouncebackwomen.com

Cupcake A La Creme – after years of baking and getting requests from family, friends, and church fundraisers a dream became a reality. Started by LaLynnza Cash and operated in Brooklyn, NY these sweet treats are a must have for your next birthday party, office party, and any other celebratory event. All orders are made fresh and designed to cater to your wants and desires.


For 2013, Cupcakes A La Creme is introducing their Super Pop Cupcake, delicious, light, fluffy, and filled with a sweet surprise its definitely a great addition for any special occasion. Free delivery is available in the the NYC area. Visit www.cupcakesalacreme.com to place your order today.

The Road That Leads to Home – written by Jaimie Hope is the first of a trilogy.

Targeted to a Young Adults, Jaimie is branching out from writing children’s books (The Adventures of Baby Jaimie Series) and capturing a new audience. Published in December 2012 this is a fiction book based on reality. Those are my favorites books to read after non-fiction. Jaimie dreamed of becoming a novelist when she first learned to write and published her first book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie in 2006. Visit www.jaimiehope.com to learn more about Jaimie and how you can order books.

Recro, is a local company that creates travel accessories with you and the environment in mind. Their products are made with recycled materials from billboards and produced locally in Brooklyn, NY.


Order unique totes, laptop sleeves, and iPad covers! Once you get your order in the mail, scan the barcode to find out where you product came from before it was recycled!

IMG_3541 IMG_3540

Visit www.gorecro.com to find out more and place you order today

Little Sparrow Wellness – run by Jaime Wrobel, a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant certified by American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and a member of the Food and Nutrition Outreach Coalition. She focuses on designing holistic eating plans that deliver maximum nutrition within your diet parameters, whether pre/postnatal, vegan, raw, gluten-free, or just picky!

IMG_3606 IMG_3604

Have you recently discovered a food allergy and had to change your diet, decided to become a vegetarian or vegan and need some tips, what to change your eating habits in the new year, or are simply looking for ways to improve your overall nutrition? When I first became a vegetarian years ago, I sought the help of a nutritionist to help me develop a healthy and balanced nutrition plan. Visit www.littlesparrowwellness.com for more information and to get in touch with Jaimie to discuss your dietary options.

2013 is the year of a healthier, stronger, and well accessorized YOU!



Love AGT :)

Note: A Girl Travels is not being paid to promote or advertise these products.