Sunday Inspiration

This week I’m inspired by spring’s beautiful, bright colors and adding new colors into my wardrobe instead of my typical black/white/grey pieces. My favorite colors for spring right now are mint, yellow, and pin. The sweet love and curiosity of puppies and my faith and trust in God always make me smile, no matter what is going on.

Earlier this week I stopped by the mall and picked out an Easter Dress. Express was having an awesome sale, everything was 40% off in the store plus I got to use my military discount (score!), so I also picked up a few more pieces to add to my spring wardrobe. Saturday I spent the day in the office, then drove upstate to spend the rest of Easter Weekend with family and friends. This morning we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the kiddos, prepped dinner, and went to Church.  Now, we’re getting ready to prepare our Easter Feast. How are you spending your Easter? What’s inspiring you this week?

Best Wishes to and you family

Love AGT :)

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