Half Marathon Training: My Training Plan

A year a go I realized the value of having a training plan a little too late and I had to take a break from running. With a number of 5ks under my belt,  I started training to run my first half marathon with the October 2011 Staten Island Half Marathon as my goal. I would run every day to build my endurance and to experience the “runners high”. Each time I experienced the “runners high” it would push me to run even farther than I’d originally intended. 4 mile runs became 6 mile runs, 8 mile runs because 10 mile runs, etc..The problem I ran into is that even though going the extra distance felt great at the time I went to far too soon and didn’t give my body and my joints the opportunity to adjust to longer distances, and ended up with runners knee to the point I had to take a break from running completely.

Now that I am fully recovered I’m ready to get back in the running gam. So I’ve done lots of research on vitamins, nutrients, and training plans and I’ve developed my own training plan to ensure that I remain injury free as I train or the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I’ll be taking a Women’s Active Multi-Vitamin pack from GNC and Glucosamine daily and I’ve decided to try these products to use after my works and long run days:

I have planned 3 days a week for distance training and 2 days a week for strength training. For distance training I’m going to use Jeff Galloway’s 2013 Training Program developed for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Two days a weeks I’ll run for time and 1 day a week I’ll run for distance. Strength training days will include weight lifting, yoga, or crossfit exercises depending on the day.

I haven’t gone shopping for running shoes yet, but I did pick up new workout pants and sports bras on sale at American Eagle. I’m still on the hunt for a good pair of  running shoes, but the ones I have will work for now. Those Barefoot running shoes look interesting, but I think I want to stick to regular sneakers. Have you used the Barefoot shoes before? How do you like them?


I’ve got my running playlist ready and I’m using the Nike+ Running App to track my runs – I’m all set to go! My ultimate goal is to finish the half in 2 hours. How do you train for race day?

Love AGT :)


Running My First Half-Marathon

I did it! I signed up to run the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon! I went back and forth for weeks – talking to my friends and co-workers about the run until I finally sat down, paid my registration fee, and developed a training plan.So now I’m taking my travels on foot as I train to run my first half marathon at the happiest place on earth :)

I love running, especially on race day. It gives me an extra boost of adrenaline to be surrounded by some many other people all trying to accomplish the same goal, and it always feels good to cross that finish line. I’ll keep you posted on my training as I prep for race day.

Love AGT :)

Source: Disney Parks Blog Post by Darrell Fry