Charity Spotlight – Beating Cancer in Heels

No, snow storm is going to stop fashion week. The show must go on! NY Fashion Week = Loads of fabulous clothes and shoes, so I want to spotlight a wonderful new organization called “Beating Cancer in Heels”. I first learned about “Beating Cancer in Heels”while covering the Tene Nicole Marketing and Publications Firm’s 2nd Annual Shopping Night Out (SNO) in October last year. This event was created by the firm to raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness month and the money raised goes to the “Beating Cancer in Heels” organization. Here are a few pictures from the event. There were even some Mob Wives in the building showing their support :)

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Veronica Spadaro Couture

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My Girlfriend’s Closet Boutique

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JeTaime Shoes



Beating Cancer in Heels was founded by Brooklyn native Marlena Ortiz who began her journey at the age of 25 when she was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, a major frustration she had was the feeling that she no longer felt feminine, and wanting  to feel like a “normal” young woman again. Realizing that other women have the same struggle she founded Beating Cancer in Heels in 2011 and has committed herself to changing the face of the disease.

“The foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of women by providing programming that helps the individual function in their own world with a positive attitude, and a face of hope and strength. Marlena is building a program through the foundation to provide “one on one life coaching” for women who seek advice and support at no cost.Through life coaching and social and beauty programs, participants will be able to go“Stepping Out” once again into a normal, happy life. The unique face of each woman is celebrated, and the “just BE YOU”  mantra teaches women how to embrace the future, confident in who they are now, and who they will become in the future. A woman with a face of her own, not the face of cancer.” –

In the coming months the nonprofit’s focus will be on gaining the endorsements and financial support needed to make Beating Cancer in Heels a reality, and to help countless women find the fashionista within. Check out this video from “What’s the 411” of last years shopping night out event – watch for Marlena’s interview!

To find out more about Beating Cancer in Heels visit To become a sponsor or retailer for the 3rd Annual Shopping Night Out taking place October 2013 request a proposal packet at

Love AGT :)