My Little Leo

Do you believe in astrology? Or think that the astrology can predict personality and advise you on your lucky days for the month? I don’t read my horoscope or plan my month based on my lucky days, but I do think that the personality aspect of astrology is true.

Last week a friend of mine showed me a book a call My Little Leo: A book for your child, all about your child born July 23 – August 22 by Kristan Hamel-McEvoy, and I actually had the opportunity to interview Kristen to find out how she came up with the idea and what she plans to do next.

Kristen is from Newburgh, NY and began writing at the age of 10. English was her favorite subject in high school and she went on to major in journalism in college. She has always wanted to write a book, and really became inspired to do so after her daughter, Avery (a Leo) was born. When I asked her what advice she’d give to aspiring writers she said, “Just do it. What do you have to lose? If you have a passion go for it.”, and that’s just what Kristen did. She followed her passion, came up with an idea, did the research, wrote the book, and self published it. 

This is her first in a series of 12 books, with My Little Virgo set be released next. I’m looking forward to reading My Little Pisces.

If you’re interested in checking out the book it’s available through the publishers website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Love AGT :)