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Golden Gloves Boxing Event at the Barclay Center

My first boxing match ever, and loads of fun. I was expecting it to be very intense and difficult to watch, but it was actually very entertaining. Good, clean fighting and talented men and women in the ring.





Underway with Femfessionals for Brunch and Blogging with The Writing Whisperer

I always receive invites to attend Femfessional events in NYC and they always conflict with my schedule, so I was more than excited to see that my schedule was open when I received the invite for brunch on a World Yacht cruise from Pier 81 to network and talk about blogging and books. I met so many amazingly talented women and received such a wealth of information from Shannon, The Writing Whisperer, and weather was perfect for a Sunday brunch on the Hudson River!


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Shannon, The Writing Whisperer is a very inspiring woman on the move. Over the last 15 years she’s been inspiring students as a teacher, fellow educators, and small business owners on the power of using their words to spread their messages, and now she has fully launched The Writing Whisperer to share her message and talents with the world. If you need help crafting your memoir, penning your blog, writing that series of books for your business, or perfecting your next speech for that speaking engagement The Writing Whisperer can help! Shannon’s coaching sessions provide the motivation, focus, and feedback needed for you to become that writer you have always wanted to be. Sign up for a complimentary 20minute writing strategy session today! I’ve signed up for one on this coming Monday!  www.thewritingwhisperer.com

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“A Femfessional is defined as an uber-connected, business-savvy professional woman with a positive outlook and a knack for success. Femfessionals connects ambitious professional women through “Connection Lunches”, originative workshops, social media and www.femfessionals.com, creating individual communities within cities around the world. Their mission is to connect and enable women worldwide to reach their ultimate potential by offering endless resources through the Femfessionals Organization.” It kind of reminds me of a sorority – amazing, talented, goal-oriented, strong women growing and helping build one another in the process, and Femfessionals are in most major cities across the country and in Canada! Are you a Femfessional?

Alicia Key’s in Concert at the Barclay Center

The first time I saw Alicia Keys in concert was in 2008 when she was in New Orleans and I was stunned by her talent. She is so amazing, especially live and 5 years later at the newly opened Barclay Center was no different. If you are a fan I definitely recommend seeing her in concert if you can, she is on fire! (pun intended lol)






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