Travel Fashion Guide: On the Open Road

hey travelers and fashionistas ;)

Did everyone enjoy AGT’s visit to the west coast? We know she looked fabulous the whole time she was there ;)

I was thinking, what if AGT had driven back home, cross country on a fun road trip…what could we dress her in to keep her cute and comfy on her ride across the country ….


A perfect, relaxing outfit for a road trip can be easy, simple yet chic.


Lets start with the pant…ponte is an amazing material that is comfortable, soft, and flexible. in the interest of staying comfy..Topshop has made an amazing ponte pant to lounge and look fabulous. now we have to pair the pants with a cute but simple racerback tank. VERY easy to move in, but add a cute saying or picture and it becomes a sassy little look. of course we can’t forget the accessories, starting with a fun, quirky extra to add a statement piece, a Quiksilver trucker hat. fun and cute. naturally, I’ve picked my best friend chuck taylor to be apart of this journey, a pop of color in such a dark outfit will definitely add a bold personality to the look. M Missoni makes an amazing oversized, black frame sunglasses that is stylish and help with the long trip. the last little thing you need is the Henri Bendel crossbody…it fits perfectly over your head, and is small enough to hold the personal things, all of your money, id, etc is all in one central spot, attached to you.

Day one is looking kind of hot…lets see what we come up with for day 2.


Nothing screams comfortable fashion more than a Juicy Couture track suit. Velour track suits are simple, comfortable, and above all stylish. Remembering our pop of color, a simple, comfy pair of TOMS are a great fit for this look. a Karl Lagerfeld white watch with an athletic band and a diamond face, adds the perfect accessory tough to this chic look.

Well…we are all ready to drive. don’t forget to always stop and smell the roses :)

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until next time…

-miss black

Prepping To Hit the Open Road

On of my favorite ways to travel is by car because I can control the journey. Whether I decide to stay on the beaten path, or follow the road less traveled I love packing up the car and hitting the road to discover someplace new. I’m currently prepping to visit 3 states I’ve never been to and to see the famous fall foilage of the Northeast. I’ll be making stops in New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island in 2 weeks!

My last big road trip was back in March when I went with some friends to Montreal, so I’m pretty excited to get on the road again and to see the the beautiful fall foilage of the Northeast during the peak of the season. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The crisp, cool air is a much welcomed change after hot summer days. I love watching the leaves change colors and listening to the crunching sound of fallen leaves when I walk. Plus, I get to pull out my favorite boots, cardigans, and blazers and pick up new pieces for the season.

The first stop on my trip is North Conway, NH, which I’ve heard is absolutely beautiful this time of year. I’m planning to walk the trails, get in some hiking, and take a ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad. Then its off to Portland, Maine for a quick day trip to visit lighthouses and have a yummy lunch of  lobster rolls and NE clam chowder before driving down to Newport to explore the city and visit the winery. I’ve reserved B&B’s for my trip to make it a bit more cozy, and because I’ve never stayed at one before and I’ve been hearing alot of good things about them.

Pre-Trip Check List (2 weeks until departure)

  • Book B&B Accomodations
  • Prepare a packing check list
  • Ensure my car is serviced and ready to go
  • Ensure my emergency roadside kit is stocked

I havent planned too many things out for my trip because I don’t want my schedule to be so bogged down that I’m not able to relax and enjoy the scenary, but if you have any recommendations on things I must see and/or do in North Conway, NH, Portland, ME, and/or Newport, RI I loved to hear all about it.

I’m working my way through my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days :)

Love AGT :)


Adventures in Philly

I was up for a small road trip, I had a Living Social Adventures deal for yoga and wine tasting, and my friend had never been to Philly so we set the dates, packed up the car, and headed south on the good old Jersey Turnpike. The weather was perfect for our trip – not too windy, the sun was shining, and temps were in the mid 70’s. We arrived in Philly around 2:30pm and found an awesome parking spot on the street near the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Now, I’ve been to Philly several times before and I always park in the garage. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s cheaper than most parking garages in NYC (enough said). Don’t ask me why, because I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to deviate from the norm, but have you only live once right?

We visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, then decided to take a bus tour. I moved the car into the garage where I should have left it for the night because we knew we wouldn’t be back to feed the meter and we had already seen several cars get towed.

The bus tour was a really relaxing way to see the city and we were able to get on an off when we wanted to spend time more time at a particular location.

After the bus ride we explored on foot

Full bellies, new ink, and a desire to dance with picked up the car from the garage and looked for places to go dancing. The sounds of salsa and bachata drew us in to a cute little place in Old City. We parked the car, put on our heels,and went inside to dance the night away. We emerged from the club around 2:30am only to get to the block where I parked the car and found that is was no longer there, and there was actually someone else parking in the spot.

Yes, it happened (que dramatic music). I had become a victim of parking wars….we reread the sign 3 times to try and determine the reason for towing and finally found the answer midway down the pole….a handicap sign the size of my iPhone. Awesome. Clearly my fault, but a bigger sign or perhaps some verbiage where the rest of the parking guidelines were would have been helpful.

We cabbed it over to the impound lot where many others were waiting, all victims of the Philly parking system. Everyone had a different story and only a few people seemed to be in bad spirits. I think most of us were all so tired that all we could do was laugh at the situation, and I laughed until I nearly cried. $150 and an hour or so later we were able to pick up the car, but not before receiving an additional fine of $301 to be paid within 30 days.

Exhausted, we head back to the house and ended up falling asleep before setting any alarms. When we finally woke up we realized that we completely missed the Living Social Yoga Adventure so we cracked open a bottle of champagne, made breakfast, and laughed over mimosas. In the end, the trip was definitely one for the books. We’ll never forget it that’s for sure lol.

Philly was an adventure, but we couldn’t wait to get back to NYC. Do you have any trip disaster stories? How did you turn the situation around?

Love AGT :)