Feast of San Gennaro

September 15-25, 2011 is the 85th Annual Feast of San Gennaro held in Little Italy in honor of the Patron Saint of Naples.

Enjoying dinning at 35 of Little Italy’s most famous Italian restaurants, listen to live music, attend book signings, and check out food and cooking demos.

This is New York City’s longest-running, biggest and most revered religious outdoor festival in the United States. Definitely check it out if you can! I can’t wait to try one of the restaurants.


There will be a Performance Stage erected at the intersection of Mott and Grand Streets which will feature a variety of activities, demonstrations and special events in the afternoons from 2 to 6 PM, and live musical entertainment every night from 7 to 10 PM.  Here is the schedule:Performance Stage ScheduleThursday, Sept. 15
2 – 4 PM:  10th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition. Professional eaters from around the globe compete
to see who can eat the most number of regular sized cannoli in the space of eight minutes. The record is 23.
Sponsored by the International Federation of Professional Eaters.
4-6 PM: 
  To be announced
7 – 10 PM: 
Johnny Mandolin & FriendsFriday, Sept. 16
3-6 PM:  NOW 92.3 FM (Live radio broadcast)
7-10 PM:
Live concert featuring NostalgiaSaturday, Sept. 17
2-4 PM: 85th Birthday of New York City’s Feast of San Gennaro. Italian folk music; celebrity guests;
and giant birthday cake prepared by Ferrara’s will be sliced and given to members of the public.7- 10 PM: WCBS-101.1 FM (Live radio broadcast): Joe Causi hosts his popular music program
from the Feast. Guest performers, celebrity interviews.Sunday, Sept. 18
2-4 PM:  Fashion Show
4- 6 PM: 
7-10 PM:
Gianni Russo in ConcertMonday, Sept. 19
2- 4 PM:  The Great Cannoli Giveaway; Free cannoli prepared by Ferrara to be distributed to members of the public.
7-10 PM:  

Tuesday, Sept. 20
2- 4 PM:   Pizza Eating Competition. Waiters, busboys and employees of several Little Italy Restaurants
will compete to see who can eat the most pizza slices in a space of eight minutes. The record is  . The pizzas for the
competition will be provided by Little Italy’s Luna Ristorante.

4-6 PM:  TBA
7-10 PM:Concert by Jesse Possa Trio

Wednesday, Sept. 21
2-4 PM:  Olive Oil Tastings conducted by Lou DiPalo, owner of DiPalo’s Italian Food Store
4-6 PM:
  Cheese tasting and mozzarella preparation conducted by Bobby Alleva, owner
of Little Italy’s famous cheese store.
7-10 PM:  
A Musical Remembrance of the great operatic tenor Enrico Caruso who died 90 years ago.
Professional opera singers will perform many of the arias made famous by Caruso during his illustrious career.
David Maiulli is the accompanist.

Thursday, Sept. 22
2-4 PM:  TBA
4- 6 PM:
10 PM:
Concert featuring Sound Affair

Friday, Sept. 23
2-4 PM:  Pasta Eating Competition. Employees of local Little Italy restaurants, cafes and retail businesses
will enter this competition to see who can eat the most pasta in a space of eight minutes. The record is 4.5 pounds.
The pasta and sauce will be provided by DiPalo’s world famous Italian food store in Little Italy.
7-10 PM:
Performance by Vito Piccone and The Elegants

Saturday, Sept. 24
4-5 PM:  TBA
6-7 PM: 
Warm-up for Cousin Brucie’s live Sirius Satellite Radio music show
7 – 10 PM:
Sirius Satellite Radio’s live music radio broadcast hosted by the legendary disc jockey and radio
host Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie)

Sunday, Sept. 25
2-4 PM:  TBA
4- 6 PM:
7- 10 PM: 
Popular singer Jenna Esposito will perform a selection of Italian folk songs and songs
made famous by Italian-American vocalists.