Another Fabuolous Night Out in the City!

Tonight is the 5th Annual Fall Cocktail Benefit at Soho House!

Time: 7-11pm

Where: Soho House – The Library, 5th Floor, 29-35 9th Ave, New York, NY

Event Co-Chairs: Isabel Boswell & Sari Lampert

Sponsors: Tyku, Sambazon & Brooklyn Brewery, – Bodegas Ontañón, Bodegas Riojanas 4am DJs,  DJ Theory
The Foundation for Tomorrow (TFFT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses education to combat poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through boarding school scholarships for orphaned children, teachers’ training, and library and computer center constructions, the organization strives to empower the future of developing nations.

Event: The event will be billed as a Non-Profit Cocktail Benefit with a twist – enjoying cocktails, music, silent auction and the beauty of East Africa (through the event’s image gallery), whilst learning about how the lives of orphans can be affected through education. The goal of the event will not only be to raise money for the foundation, but leave the attendants with an understanding of WHY educating young Africans is so important and HOW each individual can affect a meaningful change. TFFT’s work is founded upon education – not only providing it to African orphans, but educating young people around the world on their responsibilities as global citizens of the 21st century.

Guests: Over 200 of New York’s most successful and connected young professionals from a variety of industries including fashion, art, PR, advertising, journalism, banking, sales and trading and law.

Learn more about TFFT at

From the start, five years ago, TFFT has and continues to invest in enhancing the QUALITY of education throughout Tanzania, focusing our efforts on marginalized children and youth. Unlike other well meaning NGOs, TFFT takes a different tact. The TFFT team identifies the need, sources the expertise and resources, develops programs and then personally executes the programs we believe and have seen have true impact on the communities we’re working in. Currently TFFT has 76 children on full boarding school scholarships and reaches over 600 children through our outreach programs. Beyond scholarships to boarding school for these kids, we provide educational initiatives for them as well as for our partner orphanages; building libraries, computer centers, tutoring and after school initiatives as well as a teacher training program. Our leadership on the ground is and will continue to be run and directed by Tanzanians. Ideas and programs are developed not based on what has worked in the West, but more so what we know can work in the context of Tanzania with the resources, staff and expertise that is readily available here. We do this because we are working to educate a population that believes in and understands the potential and power within their own communities, so that the result of our work comes back to benefit the communities we actually work and draw from. We’re looking to build the future leaders of tomorrow. 

For media inquiries contact:

Bridget K. H. O’Brien

CEO and Founder

Bridget O’Brien PR and Events

(917) 733-3617