“Dog Park” a comedy for dog lovers

TheaterSmarts to present “Dog Park” a comedy for dog lovers.

Written & Directed by Maura Kelley

January 25 to February 12, 2012

The Drilling Company Theater, 236 West 78th Street, NYC

Presented by TheaterSmarts

Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8:00 PM; Sundays at 3:00 PM

Tickets $18 general admission. Actors Equity Showcase.

Running time 85 minutes.


Do you love dogs? Love comedy? Theater? Are you an advocate for green space?

Then Dog Park is just for you!

Dog Park takes place in an Upper West Side dog park that is being closed due to an evil real estate tycoon’s commercialization project.  This colorful array of dog owners that span from an out-of-work opera singing, Maltese owner to a gay Frenchie owning couple,  They all not only fight back to ensure their dogs have a place to run and play but also are advocates for green space. This play spoofs iconic figures and is filled with madcap physical comedy. It also demonstrates useful tactics that communities use to fight for their cause: petitions, “poop” protests, dog kidnappings and as well as an all night stakeout along the vein of “Occupy Dog Park”.

This cast of ten includes:

Willy Alvarez, *Walter Cline, Kali Katzman, *Zander Meisner, Kim St. Clair, Cem Uyanik, & Adam Zuniga….as the dog lovers. *Ken Bolander, Channing Brauer, and *Adam Le Bow … as the evil commercial enterprise.

* denotes members of Actors Equity Association.

Costumes design by Rachel Sole. Lighting design by Jeff Greenberg. Sound design by Tyler Easter. Set design by Maura Kelley and Dan Teachout. Stage management by Miguel Mediola & Kristine Schlachter.

I had an opprotunity to interview Maura and then met her at the Cocktail That Care event earlier this month. During the interview I found out that Maura is a playwright, director, artist, and a dog lover. The biggest influence in her life has been her mother, who is a constant support. She grew up with 4 pugs in Philadelphia and move to to New York City to pursue her career. Maura began her career as a performer (AEA) working in mostly musicals and comedies and performing regularly with Gotham City Improv doing improv & sketch comedy.

About 7 years ago decided to add a an adorable french bull dog, named Picasso to her family, who is part of the inspiration for her current play. She would take Picasso to dog parks, on doggy play dates, and to meet up groups. Through these experiences she was able to interact with other dogs lovers and hear their concerns. Check out more info on Maura and her work at www.maurakelley.net.

Being interviewed by Chance at Cocktails That Care

I’m planning to see a performance next Saturday night. To get your tickets to “Dog Park” click here.

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