Charity Spotlight: Baby Buggy

I first learned about Baby Buggy through Urban Girl Squad. Established in NYC in 2001 by Jessica Stein, Baby Buggy works with a network of over 50 community based organizations (CBOs) to distribute new and gently used essentials: from cribs and strollers to clothing and bottles, all of which are vetted for safety.

How It Works:

Baby Buggy distributes product through 50+ carefully selected CBOs, each of which apply annually to become a recipient. Each month, the organizations submit the items they need for the families they serve. Based on available inventory, Baby Buggy does our best to fill these requests, providing approximately 60,000 items each month.

What They Give:

Since their inception in 2001, Baby Buggy has donated over 5.9 million items including more than:

  • 6,700 Cribs
  • 6,700 Strollers
  • 4,000 Front Carriers
  • 3,300 Highchairs
  • 2,800 Bath Tubs
  • 2,200 Baby Monitors
  • 2,400 Playpens

How to Give:

  • Give Gear
  • Give Time
  • Give Money
  • Organize A Drive

Visit Baby Buggy to learn more

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