Fashion and Networking – Luxury Review

A week or so ago, I spent my evening networking at the Luxury Review Event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. There were so many amazing companies there, some that have been around for years with quality products and services and others that have launched within the last 5 years and are bringing new, incredible, innovative products on the market.

Some of my favorites were;

ViridiSTOR – All of the press kits were placed onto a USB flash memory device, which I LOVED because I didn’t have to walk around with tons of papers and brochures that I would simply throw away after completing my post, and it made it easier to attached pictures, logos, and company information to the blog post. The name ViridiSTOR is derived from the Latin word viridis meaning, “green” and the Old French stor, meaning “storage” and was founded in 2008 by Terry Mullin and leading technology company executives to reduce the cost and environmental impact associated with the distribution of non-print based materials at trade shows. –

Alacran – produced by Autentico Tequila Alacran (A.T.A) made in Mexico, this is the BEST tequila I’ve ever had! It is so smooth and the aroma is not too intense. I enjoyed a few cocktails from their table :) –

Interlaken Inn Resort and Conference Center – is located in the beautiful Litchfield Hills of Lakeville, CT. The Interlaken has hosted weddings, reunions, and corporate meetings for over 100 years. –

Louis IX – makes AMAZING suits custom tailored for men and is prepping to do a women’s line next :) I can’t wait to see what they do with their women’s line because the cut and styling of the suits for men are incredible.

Snow Sugar – Taking runway fashion to the slopes! I LOVED their fashion show! The goal of the line is to combine fashion, function, and femininity at its best. The line consists of faux fur lined jackets, slimming pants, sweaters, tees, zip-up snow suits, their signature Snow Sugar “Hug” scarf, dress coats, and snow skirts. Designer and Owner Sonya Powell’s brand motto is “Don’t be afraid to be a girl.” I’m ordering a set of the pink thermals :) and the hug scarf! Use this code LUXURY online to receive 20% off your purchase before Decemeber 1st. –

Mina D Jewlery – BEAUTIFUL, couture, one of a kind authentic pearl and gemstone jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all designed by Mina Deutsch. I’m placing my order for the breast cancer awareness bracelet :) –

Velvet Eyewear – Fabulous sunglasses and prescription eyewear manufactured in Italy. “The Velvet collection embodies the style and creativity of founder and Creative Director, Cynthia Hussey…Her eye for detail and practical sense as an optician since 1987 enable her to design luxury eyewear that offers the wearer fabulous style and superior comfort.” The company also supports the arts through their foundation by providing recycled materials and funds to organizations that supply schools with the resources they need, and offering creative contests and educational grants to young adults. –

Tea of a Kind – They have the patent on the “Gizmo” bottle cap technology which provides you with fresh brewed tea whenever you are ready! When you are ready to drink your tea, twist the cap and the tea immediately infuses into the water and is ready for you to enjoy, free of preservatives and artificial additives! “The Gizmo Closure and Delivery System holds the tea’s active ingredients in a pressurized nitrogen chamber, keeping them whole and preserved without the use of chemical preservatives.” I tried the Peach Ginger Tea and LOVED it. Not too sweet, just right, and only 20 calories for the whole bottle. –

Mexico Tourism – Whenever I think of Mexico I think of parties, MTV, and spring break, but after stopping by this table I learned that Mexico is the number one place to go to for spa treatments, so immediately she had my attention because I LOVE going to the spa and being pampered. Mexico is actually rated amongst the world’s top spa destinations, and has a long tradition for using herbal remedies. Visit their website for additional information on spas, treatments, and resorts and plan your next pampered getaway! –

Gnosis Raw Chocolates – makes yummy chocolates right here in NYC. Raw, vegan, organic, homemade, and guilt-free – my favorites are the Passion Chocolate Bar and the Simplicity Energy Chocolate Bar.”The founder of Gnosis is Vanessa Barg (aka Chocolate Girl), a Board Certified Holistic Health counselor, who began making chocolate in 2006 as a gift for her clients.” –

Here are some pics of the fashion show with Snow Sugar, Velvet Eyewear, and Violet Luck.

Check out the sweet little ones modeling their clothes by Mon Petit :)

Until Next Time! Love AGT :)