Partner with AGT

Are you interested in partnering with A Girl Travels?

I am happy to share any and all information you need – monthly page views/visitors, other statistics, followers, as well as rates and potential opportunities I have coming up. Thank you for your interest in advertising here on my corner of the internet! I truly look forward to working with you and supporting your blog or business, and sharing your blog or business with my amazing readers.

How Can We Partner?
I am open to working with travel companies of all shapes and sizes that would be of interest to my readership. Partnership possibilities can include:

Hotel/hostel reviews
Travel gear reviews
Day trips/tours
Multi-day tours
Individual attractions
Adventure activities
Unique food experiences
Transport partnerships
Press/familiarization trips
Partnerships can range from a review for a hotel stay all the way to on-going travel arrangements throughout the course of my adventures around the world. The above list is, of course, not all-inclusive, and I would be happy to discuss any other partnership ideas that might work for your brand.

If we partner up, here are some of the things I can offer as part of my coverage:

  • Social media coverage during trip/experience (including mentions on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram photos, and use of a hashtag if appropriate)
  • An agreed-upon number of blog posts after the trip/experience, complete with photos
  • Video content

Want to learn more? Please contact me to discuss possible partnership opportunities with A Girl Travels at

Let Me Promote You

I’m up for trying anything once, and I write honestly about all of my travel experiences – whether epic or mundane – on my blog. In 2013, I hope to build upon my current adventures, visiting (and revisiting) many countries and cities around the world. And, on this journey, I want to work with you.

2013/2014 Travel Plans
Tentatively, my upcoming travel plans include:

July 2013 – Portland, Oregon and Newport, Rhode Island
September 2013 – Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Haiti, Mexico
October 2013 – Germany
December 2013 – Miami and San Diego
February 2014- Orlando, Florida
March 2014- – Aruba

If you represent a travel-related company in any of the areas listed above (or even any others!), please get in touch to discuss possible partnerships – I want to help promote your brand to thousands of readers, subscribers, followers, and fans!

Looking for something more than a partnership? I can offer that, too.
Freelance Travel Writing
As a travel blogger with 2 years of online writing experience under my belt I am in the position to offer writing services to any travel-related websites or publications.Whether you are looking for original content about somewhere I have traveled to, or you need a research-based piece written about a specific destination, I can provide you with unique copy – often with photos included.

To learn more about my readers and website stats, please request a copy of my media kit.

Disclosure Notice
In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on A Girl Travelss in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation in the footer. I will not talk badly about your competitors in any review, post, or discussion under any circumstance.


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