Hurricane Irene 2011

Here in NYC and the tri-state area everyone is making, or has made preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. I lived in Tampa, FL for 3 years and in Mobile, AL for 3 years, so I’ve definitely experienced my share of hurricanes and I already have a storm kit ready. Where I live on Staten Island is not within the mandatory evacuation areas and I live on the 3rd floor, so I feel pretty safe.

Yesterday, I went into the city to have dinner with a friend and walked around Greenwich Village enjoying the nice weather before Irene’s arrival. We spent so much time in the city that by the time we were ready to head back to Staten Island the $13 toll for the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was waived in order to encourage people to evacuate. Whoo hoo! As much fun as I had in the city that was probably the highlight of my night.

As of now MTA has shutdown the NYC transit system, many people have evacuated to shelters, store shelves are empty from people stocking up, and the rain is starting. All event permits have been revoked for this weekend, broadway shows have been cancelled for the weekend, and museums are closed for the weekend. I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

P.S.  As I post this I can hear Irene outside my window. For now it’s just the calming sound of rain.

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